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Varför ordnar Lidingö stad bostad till nyanlända?

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  • Lidingö stad, liksom övriga kommuner, ska enligt bosättningslagen ta emot ett visst antal nyanlända och ordna bostad åt dem. Vi tar vårt ansvar och arbetar proaktivt för att på bästa sätt ta emot och integrera nyanlända i samhället.

    Med vänliga hälsningar,
    Kundcenter Lidingö stad

    Sandra Kundtjänsthandläggare
  • good morning I have requested your help in order to continue living in this city the main reason is that my daughter studies at the wedding skola she is very sad to know that she is likely to leave her school and her friends with whom she shared many hours at your school and also during the holidays. I also work here the housing buildings of John Matsson with the company that is in charge of the cleanup I have seen the arrival of people from outside countries that are at war you understand the situation of them here they will find better life in freedom, the question is because the families that are already here do not help us interceding so that our housing contracts are renewed? I live since March 2017 in this beautiful area and the contract is over by the end of October I do not think it is difficult to count on your help I am an immigrant I also do not come from countries in war I share with them their sadness but I think they receive more attention than those who are already on this island. if you could help me please. or to take me to the corresponding office to request your attention the first time I went to a social appointment with an Arab lady I did not get anything she did not give me options she just told me there are shelters that defend the children of the family I believe as a father of a single girl, that moving them from school many times in this city is a maltreatment also please request your attention
  • Lidingö stad, like other municipals, will in accordance to the law accept a number of immigrants who have been granted residence in Sweden, and provide them with housing. We take our responsibility and are working proactively to both receive and integrate them into society. If you have any further questions please contact the administration of social care.
    Magnus Processkoordinator
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