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Vad finns det för aktiviteter i stadshuset för äldre?

My mother is 86 years old and lives on Lidingo.
After talking to her today ,I realize she feels really lonely.
Do you have any programs or activities at the Stadshus for people like her.
She is a wonderful person and makes friends easily. Unfortunately a lot of her former friends are either dead or in bad shape.
Sorry about writing to you in English.I live in Canada and only have access to English type.
Thank you
Agneta Owen Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hi Agneta,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    In our newly renovated Stadshus we have a so called Mötesplats (Meeting Point) for our senior citizens. They have activities almost every day of the week and also a very nice café. Please ask your mother to come visit us and we will inform her about all the different activities she can take part in.

    Kind regards,

  • Thank you. You can write to me in Swedish if you wish
    Is it easy for her to find the meeting point for seniors and is there always someone there for her to introduce her to the activities involved?
    Is there a certain day or time which would be best for her to come.?
    She is a little shy and not totally comfortable in new situations and especially if she needs to use a computer( she does not have one)

    Agneta owen
  • Hej Agneta,

    Mötesplatsens café har öppet alla vardagar 10.00 - 15.00 och ligger i entréplan i Stadshuset, så det är lätt att hitta dit. Där finns det personal hon kan prata med och få tips och stöd. Du kan läsa mer om Möteplatsen och deras aktiviteter på vår webbplats.

    Vänliga hälsningar,


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